Faster Recovery

Your Solution for a faster recovery.

Using an Aquabilt treadmill provides the athlete or patient a low impact workout necessary for patients to recover faster ...

One session a week on the Aquabilt treadmill will allow you to build your strength while reducing the stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons- making activity more comfortable.

Return to your daily routine faster with Physical Therapy First and the Aquabilt Treadmill.

Now Available for Home Use! You'll fall in love with your pool all over again!

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Key Benefits

At more and more Multi-Sport Performance Centers not every high intensity workout means high impact. Injuries related to ground reaction forces from high miles or overly aggressive intense training are the most common injuries we see.

Achieve a high intensity-low impact workout running on the Aquabilt treadmill without decreasing your cardiovascular intensity. One session a week on the Aquabilt treadmill will allow you stay on your training schedule while reducing the stress on joint, ligament, and tendons- making your next land workout your best.

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Greater Benefits Reported!

Using the Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmill means low Impact due to buoyancy allowing for more frequent exercise without discomfort.

Use of an aquatic treadmill means high resistance due to movement of limbs through water making exercise far more efficient resulting in greater calorie burn per minute.

Important benefits:
• Reduce Recovery Time
• Train While You Heal
• Maximize Your Workout
• Improve Cardio-vascular Conditioning
• Enhance the Use of Calories
• Heart rate zone train while you recover